Here’s the video for Free At Dawn directed by Yoohna Park

Here’s a little background on the video ::: The video for Free At Dawn was inspired by Hollis Frampton’s experimental film from 1970, Zorns Lemma. In Frampton’s film, which is part of the Criterion Collection and available to watch online, the alphabet appears letter by letter and is then slowly transformed into representational images. Similarly, Park’s video establishes structure by flashing the letters that make up FREE AT DAWN, and setting with first person point of view footage crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. The video develops the quality of a tone poem as the rigid spelling structure dissolves into abstract imagery.

Shot on 16mm film and with the same camera and lenses that Frampton was likely using, the “Free At Dawn” video is a paean to Brooklyn. Director Park says, “One thing among many that I love about the original film is it’s a very specific time capsule of how New York looked and felt in that precise moment. We wanted to capture our own moment in New York.” The video ends as the sun slowly rises over the city.